Our Achievements

Stevie Awards 2016

We have achieved this award as the first Saudi and Gulf company get the first place since its establishment and it is equivalent to the Oscars in New York projects.

Guinness World Records

We have entered the Guinness World Records 2016 as the Biggest Forum and Event for the Youth in the world

164 Million Interactive

We achieved the highest youth and society interaction in the gulf in social media

Leaders Awards 2014

We have achieved this award for the best leadership in social development projects

Wise Awards 2016

Won the first place worldwide for the best educational project (CYM test) for youth.

152 Projects

We successfully executed 152 projects for private and public sectors.

Our Projects

1. International CYC Forum

It is the largest international initiative specialized in the field of youth orientation towards the selection of academic and career to achieve the vision of 2030, which is implemented annually in the cities of the Saudi Arabia, it is achieved the highest attendance of more than 35 thousand of the presence of youth in partnership with government and private sectors. It has won 4 international awards over five years.

2. CYM Test

An international electronic platform, launched from Saudi Arabia to reach 19 countries. The CYM test and workshops available online, to prepare the youth for the labor market and to choose the professional fields that are most suitable for their capabilities and the requirements of the labor market. This platform is designed by one of the world’s elite specialists and has been approved internationally.

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3. CYS Forum

It is the first and largest sports forum in Saudi Arabia, which includes various international and local sports.
The idea is developed through ICG and launched throughout Saudi Arabia. The number of its presence in one day is more than 15 thousand young men and women at the international level.

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4. Career Guidance and Employment Support Centers

A national HRDF initiative, established by ( ICG ) Ithra’a Consulting Group to be the main destination for the male and female graduates and expected graduates all over the universities/colleges in the Kingdom, to prepare them for the labor market and recruit them in the right places on a high professional level. The service has been applied in 8 universities and colleges and has been serving more the 140,000 young men and women.

5. Young Businessmen and Women Exhibition in Jeddah

An exhibition and forum to serve the young entrepreneurs in Jeddah. It was organized in 2012 to develop and open new investment opportunities for entrepreneurs in partnership with the concerned ministries and other private sectors.

6. Activating the Role of Youth Consultancies:

An initiative launched with the recommendations of Princess Nourah Chair to provide consultancies and leadership programs that are designed for educational and university elite sectors in the Saudi Arabia to build a generation of entrepreneurs starting from school. This initiative achieved success with launching 50 projects and companies for the youth during their university education and following up with their work in the market.

7.Choose Your Career

The largest electronic platform offers the best programs and tests for youth to prepare them for labor market.

8. Specialized Curriculum

We worked on preparing a number of three specialized curricula for the students of the Ministry of Education in the following fields:
– Specialization Terminator guide.
– Work-oriented education.
– Decision-making methodology.

9. Couple’s Harmony Assessment

This assessment is designed specially to guide the youth in choosing a life partner. Its designed by international experts: Myers Briggs – Howard Gardner – Gary Chapman – Five Love Languages.
More than 50,000 young men and women who decided to get married have benefited from this test.

10. Choose Your Partner

CYP is a specialized workshop to aware youth about the best tools and techniques to choose the right partner. This comes in line with one of Vision 2030 aims, which focus on building families and reducing divorces.

Our Services


Our services have been creatively designed to keep up with the 2030 Vision with what will achieve the developmental integration for our customers

We Provide

We provide different and unique services that serve different government bodies, NGOs and key local and multinational businesses in various sectors including Individuals.


Providing consultations and studies to government and private bodies on any projects in the field of youth

Creating Initiatives

Creating and developing initiatives, projects, and events related to youth.

Events Management

Managing and executing all the required services to execute the initiatives, projects, and events in a creative way


Attracting the youth and society in a professional way to interact with initiatives, projects, and events through digital platforms.

Our Team

Our team has been carefully chosen to work with its noble spirit and high skills to make our company a symbol of leadership worldwide and devote all efforts to help our clients achieve their goals and expectations.

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